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Hi All I am new here, and was wondering if anyone here is working with Nick Vertucci, and or if anyone has taken his flipping course. Thank you. Mark Hairston, [email protected] .com

I've taken the courses.  LOVED them.  They're pricey.  That said, you pay for an education regardless.  You either pay in time and trial or in money.  Send me a message if you'd like some more info!

Hi Elyse Thank you for responding. Nice to meet you. You are absolutely right, and I am sure the least expensive education would be the course, rather than trial and error, for many reasons. We, my partner and I, have looked at Nick, Scott and Amie Yancy, Armando Montelongo, and Phil Pustejovsky, from freedom mentor who has done thousands of deals. I read his book "How to be a RE Investor, and am in the middle of his Video course. I have applied for his Apprentiship program. I really like his way of teaching, his story, and his creative Investing, in leiu of traditional Investing. I am always interested in more info and knowledge, and I really appreciate your insight and your time. Thank you so much 😊😉 Sincerely Rob Hairston

Don't waste your time in my opinion.  Educate yourself by reading and listening to podcasts and you will learn way more.

Dad and I went through it and they are legit!

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