REI Accountant in Wisconsin

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Looking for a good accountant who understands REI in Wisconsin. Preferably an accountant who personally owns rental property.

I'm 20 minutes south of Madison if that helps.

Thanks in advance!

@Johann Kleisch I use Tasha Chambers with Chambers, LLC. She is out of Waunakee. My experience has been okay, but not the best. The work she did was great, and she is very knowledgeable, but very difficult to get a hold of. I would call and email numerous times and she wouldn't return them. I researched other reviews and I'm not the only one. But again, from the actual work aspect, she did great.

If a different good referral comes up, I wouldn't be opposed to switching, but until then I'll stick with her.

@Johann Kleisch Who did you end up going with?  I'm in the search for a new CPA in the Madison area and am open to suggestions.

I have used Crystal Lee here in Madison for a couple years, she does a great job and has a handle on the real estate components : Crystal at

Anyone else have a good recommendation for a CPA/Tax Prep specifically geared towards real estate investors in the Madison, Wisconsin area?  Thanks for the suggestions so far.

I'm going with a CPA who specifically specializes in Real Estate this year, however she isn't from Wisconsin. We'll see if it's worth the hassle of dealing with one outside the state, they came recommended from the Madison REIA president who also uses her.

hi Chris, would you mind sharing the CPA firm that was recommended to you? 

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