Agent Website that Pulls MLS from CLAW IDX (Combined Los Angeles)

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was gonna go with websitebox but they don't reciprocate with CLAW/ and flat out declined considering doing so.. are there any out there that do without charging an arm and a leg?

just need a site/homepage for my clients to go to search the MLS without me having to run searches for them (right now my domain is just.. blank!)

thx BPers! 

@Neil G.

I've used in the past and it comes to about $30-$75 a month, depending on what additional tools and services you subscribe to.

Personally, we're starting to look at not including the IDX integration directly into the site and just linking folks to a page with the search widget provided by, included with you MLS subscription. This is because most folks are not using agent websites to search listings, but are instead using various 3rd party sites.

Hope this helps!