Out of State Licensing (Finding Reciprocity)

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Hello all,

I am looking into getting my Real Estate license. However, I will be moving out of state to Oklahoma in July (Currently live in Arizona). 

I've searched the state websites to see if they had reciprocity, but it does not look like they do.

My question is: could I get licensed in Oklahoma online, while living in Arizona? Or the other option would be to study for the test, then take it as soon as I arrive in OK.

Thanks in advance,

I would go to the OK board and get the info on what you need to be licensed there. If you can do it from AZ then great, you're ahead of the game. Get the classes done and take the test once you move. Just make sure the classes are approved by OK so you don't have to retake them. 

There are online sites where you could start studying. I did my pre-licensing course through Charles Barnes, and I was pretty happy with their system. You can take the class any time between now and July, but you probably won't want to start any application process until you're an Oklahoma resident. Here's a direct link to the Oklahoma RE Commission on how to get your license. Let me know if you have any other questions!