What methods do you use to sell your listings besides the MLS

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I am not a real estate agent (yet) so I have no idea what methods there are to sell a listing. Obviously you can list the property on the MLS and your facebook page, but what else?

I live in a small town so open houses wouldn't do anything but waste my time since nobody would show up. Are you just expected to have a list of buyers to call on? How could I go the extra mile to make sure a home gets sold for a client?

FSBO, Craigslist, Zillow to name a few. You can also use a flat fee listing service to put it on the MLS and avoid using an agent as well

Hey Jacob,

You could always post the property on Craigslist and you can also call local brokerages and let them know you have a property for sale! They may have a buyer that would consider your area. Ask your other agents in your brokerage or local brokerages about their techniques for selling. 

Being creative and trying many different techniques to complete a task is always fun. Don't be afraid to try something and fail, you will learn from it and move on to the things that work for you!

Print out flyers highlighting the positives of your property with pictures and drop them off at local agent's offices, the ones that are active in your area.

Do a simple, but high-end-looking flyer, which includes what the monthly payment will be (based on certain assumptions, shown....) and take it to restaurant and store owners - they know a ton of people. Put it up on notice boards all over town, in coffee shops. Go see the HR managers of bigger companies locally (some of their staff may be looking...), approach local lenders who may have buyers they have approved that are looking. Do directional signs and a decent sign on the property, plus a banner (if the town will let you...) highlighting the main selling points/monthly payment. Blast it to your own database and social media. Ask everyone you know to spread the word. Talk to the neighbors, who might appreciate being able to supply someone nice to live next door to them. Do an open house, but have it cost you nothing, or make a few bucks by having sponsors, who kick in some money to help fund it/the flyers; I work with local coffee, flooring, furniture and financing companies, who all get some promo out of it. Hope this helps and get after it!! 

A lot of agents assemble a database (over time) of investors that are always looking. Most actively searching buyers are going to using an agent already, so posting on the MLS is going to take care of that.

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