Seeking Investor Friendly Managing Broker in Northwest Indiana

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Hey BP Community,

I am currently a licensed RE agent in IL and am looking to expand my business into NWI starting the beginning of next year. I will be taking my state exam next month since there is reciprocity,  and am looking for an investor friendly brokerage to hang my license with. Any suggestions? I am seeking a brokerage preferably with a flat fee per transaction business model similar to my current managing broker. I have no intentions on being a traditional broker, and do not want a broker that will require me to put in office time, attend office meetings, etc. I am currently an IN resident near Hammond-Highland Area who primarily works remotely, so being required to be in an actual office wouldn't fit what I am looking for. If you know of any brokerages with a flat fee per transaction or 100% commission, maybe a monthly fee, set annual fee for E &O coverage, then that is something I would be interested in checking out. I primarily wholesale properties in addition to rehabbing, so if the brokerage is not familar with these strategies, or has biases against said strategies, then we would not be a good fit. Last year I did about 15-20 retail transactions, this year I am on pace to hit close to 50, so I do generate a decent amount of business. If anyone knows of a good fit please let me know. Thanks in advance. 

Def not a major franchise, and especially not a re/max. Check out a bunch of the independents! I see listing leaders under a lot of the investment property listings. 

Listing Leaders (main office in Hobart). Kevin is the man. I've been with him since I got licensed in July. I've done a few wholesales this year (66 so far), flips (8), and other listings. I've also taken leads I can't buy cash and got the listing so in the 4 months since being licensed, I have 13 closed transactions with him. 

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