Big Move to Nashville TN

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Hello all, while I am not new to bigger pockets and I am new to posting. I am planning on making a big move in next two weeks that involves me moving to Nashville Tennessee, and finding a completely new career more aligned with my passion of real estate. I am currently in the construction field and I am planning on attempting to transition into a real estate agent. I am sold on @Scott Trench 's idea of aligning your career with your passion and to find something that will reward you for the results that you produce. All of my experience in the real estate industry comes from personal investments that I have grown with a small group in Missouri. I am reaching out for some pros and cons of becoming an agent in Nashville right now and then possibly some alternative career ideas that enable me to get into the real estate space.  

Hey man, Sent you a BP email. Call me. Let's grab lunch when you get in town and I'll fill you in on what's happening in our awesome Little Big Town.

@Adam Pollard Welcome to the forums. I'm in the area myself. Let me know when you move down here and we will find time to meet up and talk shop. 

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