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I’m looking for a good brokerage firm in the southern Maryland area close to Charles county. I’m currently attending TRISTAR Academy for my prelicense course. An only plan to be a realtor parting due to me being full time active duty. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Keenan, I recommend Exit Landmark in White Plains, MD.  PM me and I can give you a contact there.

Welcome to BP, Keenan. I recommend that you start meeting with local brokers to see what they can offer you. Any of the big names will offer/provide training to you, I joined Coldwell Banker in Waldorf and still work for my broker as a dual career agent (part-time) 12+ years later. It is your broker that sets the environment in their office, go meet with different brokers and you can start getting a feel for their office and management style. You already have your own personal likes and dislikes in people, use that as your starting point for the development of your own checklist of what the fit for you should be or feel like.  Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


Hey @Keenan Winfree , I am with Keller Williams and really happy with them.  They have been ranked #1 in training out of all the real estate brokerages.  Have you ever read any of Gary Keller's books?  The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The Millionaire Real Estate Investors, The One Thing, FLIP, HOLD?  They are ALL great books I recommend you read.  I'll shoot you a PM and can talk to you more about it.

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