Florid real estate license requirements

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Is it required to actually work as a Realtor to get Florida license? I have a full time job I like but want to get my RE license in Florida. I dont want to quit my job and be a realtor. I want to be an investor and be licensed. I’m searching the requirements on line but want more information. Thanks.

There is no requirement to actually work as a REALTOR. If you want to be licensed and do nothing with the license, that's your prerogative. If you want to be licensed and only do your own private transactions, that's your prerogative.

However...you will have to work under a Broker. So you need to find a Broker that is willing to take you on as an agent and then let you do your own thing. They will expect you to pay them a fee or a portion of your commission on each transaction.

Ideally, you will find a Broker that is also an investor and they will be more likely to work with you. It may even result in more deals. No matter what route you choose, be honest and upfront about your intentions.

According to posts I've seen from you, you are broker direct so why get a license? What's the benefit?

@John Thedford The benefit is to learn and grow. Oh and not to be reported by “anonymous” people in this business for simply asking questions on a forum. 

The sad fact is there are many sleazy bottom of the barrel types that believe they are above the law and can do as they wish. Fortunately, there are those in the industry that will fight FRAUDS AND SCAMMERS and help protect the public from these types. 

I agree @John Thedford but there needs to be more law education for most of us out there. Many of us are misled by “gurus” and Youtube videos etc..I think there are sad, lonely people out there and on this forum that report others on here to the state trying to ruin the lives of good people just trying to learn the way. There are licensed folks out there that are frauders and scammers too. Happens all the time. 

There is no state requirement other than you place your license under/with a broker. It is up to the individual broker whether or not they want to accept a “once a year commission” type salesperson.

There is no need for a license to own a brokerage. ANYONE without a license can open a brokerage and hire a broker of record. They cannot do any real estate services, but they can invest. 

Most larger markets have brokers that basically cater to what you want to do.. small transaction fee per deal etc.. and you do your own thing.. you still have to have the broker bless the paper work at least in our state.

however it goes without arguing that the way wholesale guru's teach folks that don't know the licensing laws is not legal.

It really is up to each state to enforce the laws on the books and these types of laws are generally enforced by complaints..

However I will say in my Day of Funding deals in Orlando the large wholesalers in that area were by all means licensed..

My state has started to crack down on it as well. they are aware of the issues you talk about the U tubes the guru's etc.. they will follow up on any complaint and if its deemed selling without a license then there will be action taken . which usually includes cease and desist and for first offense modest fine.

But like when I was talking to someone I know in the division enforcement here in Oregon she made the point that most professions in an around building remodeling lending etc all need licenses..  

Oregon even has this developers license that it cost me 5k to learn I needed LOL..

One other thing I thought was interesting.. she also said that transactional deals if they see two deeds in one day IE transactional  they deem those as some sort of scheme as well..

the idea she said is that someone is still selling a property they don't own to get the one buyer in place before it closes she said the fact that they come into title for a few hours just proves the scheme.

So should be interesting going forward to see how these states handle this stuff..

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