Appraisal license and Real Estate license

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I am a senior in college, and am looking for much more than to just become another employee. I have a problem with the way some colleges prepare students for "life," and am looking to get involved with Real Estate investing. Wondering if anyone has appraisal license, and if so, how beneficial is it? I know of a lot of people getting Real Estate license, but not appraisal, and I am trying to get off on the right foot. Thank you for any feedback, its all awesome!

If you are asking which one is most beneficial it is the sale license.  You could do your deals, get early unofficial early access on properties, and great networking resources through the local realtor's association. You could also do wholesaling on a safer foundation then too.  

I'm not sure appraisal would get you far on its own and it wouldn't save you as much money as doing your own deals.  Now if you have interest as appraisal as a career, that's a different story.