Getting Florida Salesperson License

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Hey all, 

I wanted to reach out and ask the BP community if anyone has gotten their Florida License out of state? I am in Ohio, and want to get my license in Florida. Are there any online options to get the class credits and any advice from any agents in the area? 

You can take the class online. I highly recommend Larson Education. I am not sure about taking the state exam. Give them a call and find out your options. 

I would recommend The Real Estate School (google them, they are located in Tallahassee) for their exam prep material. I used them for both sales associate and broker’s license exam prep and their study exams helped out a lot. I was not required to take pre or post licensing courses due to having a bachelors degree in real estate so I can’t not speak to their Pre or post licensing education courses but their exam prep were spot on. Good luck.

That is exactly what I am in the process of doing right now. I am currently living in Boise, ID, but am moving to FL in a few months. I am almost finished with the process, as I only have one more hurdle to overcome to get my Florida license!

To answer your question, yes, you can take your courses online. And, yes, you can take your FL state exam in a different state, anywhere there is a PearsonVue testing center.

I took my classes online through Real Estate Express. Their course is set up pretty well. Overall I am satisfied with my experience there. I just passed my final exam, and I am taking my FL state exam here in Boise in less than two weeks.  If you have any questions about going through the process from out of state, feel free to PM me. and good luck!

-Travis McDonnell


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Hi @Travis McDonnell   - Hi and bye from Boise! :)  Interesting that you were able to do everything from here in Idaho to start selling in Florida. We truly are a global economy now. Best to you in your real estate career in Florida!

Hi and bye @Jonna Weber ! Thanks for the good wishes. I've seen your signs around town! It's a pleasure to hear from you.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the licensing process was for Florida from out of state. No complaints here! 

It's going to be a tough transition from my current career in public safety/aviation, but with any luck, my motivation to provide top level service will get me through it.