do you use sign in sheets for open houses?

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Hi - I'm a software guy thinking about building an application for real estate agents.  I've noticed when I've gone to open houses, I'm either signing in on an ipad, or signing in on paper.  Lately the trend has been towards ipads, but as a customer I prefer paper because it's faster for me.

I'm assuming that real estate agents prefer ipads because then all the contact information is already digital. 

My question for you all is - would you be interested if I could turn your paper sign in sheets (well, photos of them)  into excel files with all the data in digital form?

Thanks in advance!

That probably wouldnt be that useful. If they wanted it digitized they would just use the Open House Pro app.

Thank for the feedback.  It looks like open house pro is just another digital sign in sheet.  I'm saying that as a customer I prefer to sign in on paper since it's faster (though, maybe what I want doesn't matter, cause I'm going to go to your open house regardless of whether you use paper or an ipad) 

Is the only reason you guys use electronic sign in sheets to get the digital information?  Or is there another reason.


@Hugo Shi I use a digital format because it uploads the clients not working with a Realtor directly to my CRM.   It automatically sends follow up emails thanking them for attending my open house with additional information on how I can better serve them.