Investor friendly real estate agent & property manager in Atlanta

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Hello BP Community, I’m fairly new to BP with this being my first forum post. I’m looking for an investor friendly real estate agent and propery manager in Atlanta to secure an investment property. I live in SoCal and would really appreciate recommendations on reputable and credible agents and property managers in the area. I’m all about accountability and transparency especially with this being an out of state investment. Thank you

Hi Temi,

I would welcome a chance to talk via phone about our firm and see if we might be a fit for you. We source properties for investors both individual, small and institutional...many out of Georgia and the US for that matter. We have helped our investors acquire 3,000+ metro Atlanta investment homes in the past 6 years and we have a great team focused on finding good properties for our clients. We also manage about 800 SFR's for our investors. We aren't institutionally-focused on the PM side however. Our largest investor owns about 65 properties but the vast majority of our owners are single property owners or small portfolio owners. We work with them to add to their portfolios when they want to. Lastly, our sister company is a Georgia Licensed General Contractor. That enables us to help our clients price repairs and CapEx and we can provide repair, renovation and remodeling services if they want them as well as acquisition and management services. If you like, feel free to call or text me and we can perhaps talk by phone to see if we can be a resource for you?

Thanks.  Greg Kurzner

Hi Temi,  I sent you a connect, once you approve I can get or give contact info to connect via phone. Thanks.  Greg