What do Sales Agents do to drive leads to their pipeline

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Michael G.

Investor from Bay Shore, New York

Apr 09 '11, 03:55 AM

I'm interested as a soon to be new sales agent how Real Estate agents find sales leads? Do you actively market for new listings and if yes how? I notice some agents sending me letters after my primary residence listing expired. I would imagine that is one way to find new listings?

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Zach Sikes Verified

Residential Real Estate Agent from Edmond, Oklahoma

Apr 11 '11, 05:31 AM

Most people who you ask will tell you the old tried and true: use your "sphere of influence" to find leads.

Talk to the people that know you well, and make sure they know you sell real estate. The key is to have them refer business to you, not just use you when they want to buy or sell.

The best advice is to use proven methods before you get creative.

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