South Florida investment properties

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Hi friends! I am Erika Vergara Realtor in south Florida for 5 years. I work in Broward and Palm Beach counties. I just started to work with investors and wholesalers, which they send me deals every week and I forward to clients. But it's still a learning process for me. I am constantly learning on biggerpokets. I just wanted to introduce myself and I will take any advice. I'm at your service for any of your real estate needs in South Florida. 😊🌞

Be very careful with "wholesalers" in South Florida majority of them send out daisy chain properties they don't have under contract and just mark up other people's deals. They're also notorious for overestimating the ARV and underestimating the rehab costs. I know at least 20 "wholesalers" locally and 99% of their deals are total junk and their business practices are questionable to say the least.