Questions to ask when interviewing brokerages as new agen

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Hi everyone!

I'm getting my license in Florida currently and really have already picked a brokerage I want to work for but was advised to still interview around. Besides things like revenue share, commission split and associated brokerage fees, what are some other questions I should be asking? I've googled this several times and feel there is a lot more than what is currently being said, what are the the hidden questions you wished you asked, especially for someone looking to be a high producer.


Hi Wade!

Congrats on joining a brokerage.  I am undergoing that process myself.

Since this is a relationship business the two questions I always asked are:

1. Who are people I should get to know in my local area? By this I mean business leader, politicians, contractors, other Realtors, Investors etc.  As these are the folks you will likely interact with in order to be successful.

2. If you were me, what would you be doing in the first 30/90/180 days doing this?  Is good to know what work or didn’t work from folks who already have gone through the start-up process. This hopefully will save you some of the growing pains. 

Hope this helps you!