Active duty military and real estate sales

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I am 3 years from military retirement and have committed to getting into part-time real estate sales. Licensing exam is next week.

Advice or tips on being in the military and working with service members to buy/sell homes?

Assuming you're on shore duty it should be easy - work the people at your command. I had a buddy sell 19 homes in the last year he was in just from people at our command. Depending on how your command climate is you might want to give them a heads up but only you can determine that one.

Be transparent with them and don't force them into anything they don't want as you'll be seeing these people around quite often, at least for a bit. It might sounds silly but make sure they know that as a buyer's agent they aren't the ones paying you - not everyone is familiar with how the process works.

Best of luck! Wish I had started as an agent before I got out.

Oh man sounds like you have the greatest niche of all!!  Veterans will love and appreciate you as their Realtor ®. If you cant do it all.......Join a team where you all work together with your clients.  I know my firm helps bc you can get a transaction coordinator for 250 a deal.  They will schedule for you input your docs etc and really allow you to guide the transaction even if you have to be a bit more hands off! Or, if you cant handle a deal get paid to refer them out to your network of realtors!