New to Real Estate and Bigger Pockets

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Hi there! I am new to real estate and eager to lock in my first contract!

However, I am having a hard time marketing myself. I am not comfortable with cold calling or calling FSBOs and such.(At least until I get my feet wet.)

So I am searching for ideas and ways to get my name out there! Any help would be appreciated.

Also, in my area I am the only agent from my brokerage. I am wondering how or if I can host open houses for other agents in different brokerages? Pros/Cons?

Thank you! Look forward to hearing!

The first people to reach out to are the people you already know!  Make sure everyone you know, knows you're in real estate.  Literally go through your phone, social media, email - all of it - and call, text, or DM.  Start with a basic convo and be prepared to talk about what you do, how you can help, and more importantly - what they can help you with (referrals).  Remember, these are the people you know, and they want to help you!

Another recommendation is to get your hands on a copy of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent.  It has all the steps you need to succeed.  Reach out if there's anything more specific you want help with!

Google Real estate meetup (your state)   Meetup has a bunch of real estate things happening in my state near me.  Just in my area there are 8 to 12 meetups with others involved in real estate.  It's a great way to interact with others in a social setting.  You will be very popular at these types of events.  Investors would love to work with a realtor that understands what it is they want.