Real Estate Agent Reccomendations Atlanta Market

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Happy Friday,

I am hoping to get a referral for a real estate agent in the Atlanta area. I am going to invest in a property between January-March of 2020. This will be my first investment and would like an experienced agent that can think like an investor, not just one of the kids I went to school with. Any referrals would be great!

Thank you in advance!

@Grant Wertzberger

Hi Grant, I'm an agent in Atlanta and rental investor myself. If you shoot me a PM I'd be happy to talk about what you're looking for here and see how I can help you man. Feel free to reach out any time - I always enjoy talking with other investors.

@Grant Wertzberger - From my personal experience of looking for properties in Atlanta area, I feel the prices are on the higher end. you'd have to find a way to create value. it would def be helpful to have an agent that is like minded and can send you deals. I am looking to connect with similar agents in Atlanta area. I have specific criteria that I am interested in