What Should I Know To Be Considered Knowledgeable about my area?

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I'm going to be getting my real estate license very soon and I want to prepare, so if people ask me about my local area I should know off the top of my head things like...

Average Price per Square Feet,

Highest and Lowest Sales Prices Currently,

The Houses Available and how long they've been on market,

The trend of prices,

the area/streets/parks,

the school districts,

details about new houses on market,

Anything else I'm missing?  What should I know to be considered an expert in my market as a realtor?  Thank you.

Congratulations in getting your license.

To be successful you need to become hyper-focused.  You should get familiar with school zones, art and entertainment venues, economic development in the area, in addition to types of homes by neighborhoods, and market conditions in your area. 

This is what sets you aside from the rest!

Best of luck!!

You are on the right track with those!!

I would throw in that it is important to know people!

Build relationships with the big names in your area and get to know them.

Good Luck,
Nathan Killebrew

This is more for you... but sales transactions and volume. To identify if you can get your seller a higher price or negotiate your buyer a lower one. It's also important to know what a house is going to appraise for.