Lead before getting real estate license

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I just scheduled to take my pa real estate exam, but I have a good potential lead for a customer. How do I keep that person interested in hiring me while I’m in the process of getting my license?

I would recommend partnering with a licensed agent in the firm you plan to work for. If you bring someone you trust and respect a lead, I'm sure they will let you watch their process and learn. Hopefully, by the time the deal closes, you will have your license and you guys can split the commission. Even if you aren't licensed when it closes, the education will be valuable.

Most importantly, you should be honest with them. Tell them your situation and when you expect you'll be able to list the property on the market. If they're in your SOI then I'm sure they'll be understanding.

In the meantime, offer them a proposal/plan for how you can sell their house. If they know what to expect and see that you're knowledgeable, then they're more likely to deal with you.