Question for dealing with an agent.

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I'm looking to invest. I have my eye on Pittsburgh and I'm hoping to connect with a real estate agent to began my first flip. My question is, should I tell the agent I'm flipping,or anything I'm doing with the property? I'm hoping to create some good, honest relationships so I feel I should. Maybe we can create a bond and work on future deals. Am I wrong?

@Mike Muniz Greetings,

Yes you should definitely tell the agent what your intentions are with the property. How else is he or she going to know what you are looking for? Once you have identified your criteria, interview multiple agents to see if they have experience working with investors that have similar criteria.

I wish you the best!

@Mike Cumbie Yeah definitely tell the agent up front exactly what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve. It will help them help you knowing what you are looking for so they can narrow down the properties they send you. Will save you both some time by figuring all that out up front. They will also be able to give you realistic expectations as to what is possible numbers and profit wise. 

@Mike Muniz Once you get to know the realtor a little (and trust his/her judgement) start asking for referrals for contractors, local mortgage companies, etc. That way you can build a local team and have the pieces in place when you decide to buy.