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Hello BiggerPockets Community!

My name is Grant and I am a recent college graduate. I work full time as an analyst, but am looking to move into the real estate space. Im extremely passionate about residential real estate, and recently passed my CA real estate licensing exam. I have a strong interest in multi-family investing, and would love to start investing out of state. I'm looking to partner with those that are currently investing in markets outside of California, and would be extremely grateful for any resources, information, and guidance that can assist me in getting started. If any experienced investors or agents can offer any advice or next steps, that would be greatly appreciated, and I would definitely like to set up a time to speak with you.

Additionally, I am interested in learning more about real estate agency within the Bay Area. If you know of any specific brokerages that have opportunities for new agents, then please send them my way. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post, and I look forward to hearing for you!

Hi @ Grant Kelly,

Just curious, are you following G. Stephan.

as an investor and agent, with analyst skills; you may be on a parallel a similar path.

Have fun on the journey :)

@Grant Kelly    What brokerage did you end up with?      @Kui Cheung Wu Congrats on being a new agent! I would advise both of you as new agents not to limit yourself. In other words, as a new agent you still "need to eat".If you are with a company that specializes in only Multi-Family but they are a brokerage you have never heard of then there are some challenges with that. You may want to see if there's a well known brokerage that does both. That way if you stumble across an opportunity to sell an SFR or Condo you can still do it. Maybe mix the best of both worlds and find a well known brokerage and bill yourself as a Multi-Family Specialist.

Thank you for your kind words! I’m currently in a boutique firm in San Francisco called Berri Real Estate. The broker currently offering Scholarship program for anyone who want to be a real estate agent. If anyone is interested In being in the field, feel free to reach me. 

I’m so blessed to be in such a positive community where we have a same goal to be financially free. I’m here to learn and help anyone who are buying investment property.



Hey @Kui Cheung Wu Nice to meet you. Thanks for reaching out, it's nice to see that there are other new agents that are active on BiggerPockets. Congrats on signing with Berri Real Estate! I hope that you're having a great experience so far.

I recently signed with Keller Williams and am enjoying it so far.

Hi @Brian Garlington Thanks so much for the insights. I definitely agree that hanging your license with a well-established brokerage has many benefits, especially for a new agent like myself that is still gaining traction and building up my book of business. I joined Keller Williams East Bay about two weeks ago, and am currently a member of their mentorship program. The training that I have received so far has been incredibly insightful, and I am looking forward to working with clients, connecting with other agents, and becoming more established in the real estate community.

Brian, it looks as though you are also signed with KW? If you're willing to share, I would definitely be interested in learning more about your experience.

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There are a ton of investors in your market looking for out of state deals. I'm in San Antonio, TX, but more than half of my clients are out of state investors from the Bay Area or similar markets. I think this creates a huge opportunity for you. If I were in your market, I would be running seminars and advertising related to investing out of state. There is a huge demand for that knowledge in your area. I would vet teams in several of the more popular markets, and simply make referrals all day long. It would be an easy business model to implement while still working full time as well.