finding broker for part time agent

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Currently work a full time job that takes plenty of my time. I've passed the test and only have a few months to get licensed before it expires, so I will be sure to not let that lapse.  At this point, I don't ever see myself becoming a full time agent with big sales goals.  I may do some part time for family and friends and use it to find myself some investment property.  As I go to hang my license with a broker, what advice do you have?  Do they care about this or do they only want high performers/revenue generators?  Are there brokers that are better fits for me?  How do I find them?  Thanks.,

Most brokers do want high performers so that they can bring in revenue for them. That's just how most brokers make money. 

You want to make sure that you minimize your fees and go to a brokerage that has the same splits for part time agents and those who are top producers. Some brokers have more favorable terms for those that are selling more homes. 

Hi @Sam Tamayo .  I think a lot of brokerages are "body shops" and do not care about production but rather want any agent to come in an do the few deals they'll do before they quit.  These types of brokerages are a disservice to the industry because they offer no support.  

I also think being an agent Part time is tough to do successfully.  There's some annual costs just do the job.  We can talk privately if you'd like.