Biggest Horror Stories

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Probably more great stories, than bad stories, but I'm sure there is a mix.  I teach to always go see the house in person.  Front and should have a checklist of things you're looking for....Roof, Foundation, Paint, Windows, HVAC, Electric, Gas Meter, etc.....if the gas meter is missing for example, why is that?   Is that because of non-payment, stolen, or was it removed because interior gas lines were leaking and you will need to get them approved/certified/permit pulled before gas co will put it back on.  These days everyone thinks the internet solves their can help you, but should not be the end all be all of research.  I've seen plenty of beautiful homes on google street and Sat view, only to get to the house and find no house, but just freshly plowed dirt.  Not sure what happened to the house, but they were gone...maybe burned down, maybe storm damage and raised, maybe drug house raised, or whatever, but houses were gone.   I also think very rarely can you access structural damage from google street and sat view.   Gotta be there live and in color to access.  I've also seen some front of the house in person that looked pretty good, but you go to the back and yard is filled with junk, or back part of the housing is missing or blown up..burned out, things like that.   I've also seen plenty of instances where google gives the wrong information on the house, wrong picture, picture from next door, across the street, across town, etc....and online magic from whatever source is just plain wrong.  It tells you there is a 4000sqft house, but that was the 1800s house, that was torn down and replaced with a 2010 new built house that is 1200sqft.

If there is a way to see inside, that is even better....even if it is looking through the windows.