Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

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Plenty of leads everywhere you look.  Don't pay someone else to give you junk leads.  You can prospect yourself for little or no money with much better results.

As agents, we are solicited with shiny new lead gen tools every other day.  Over the last decade, I have pissed money away on Zillow, Realtor, etc.  There are basically two ways to generate leads: pay for them or hunt for them (calls, networking, etc).  I have found nothing beats building your "humanbase" or sphere and connecting with them on a regular basis via calls, texts, emails, bday cards, one-on-one coffee/beer "meetings," group happy hours and so on. I haven't spent a penny on any online lead gen or farming products in the last year and my business is on tract for best year ever, all from referrals within my sphere or general networking online.  Best wishes!