real estate investing for agents

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are there any agents out there that buy real estate and can manage both? it seems like it’s a lot of work but is it manageable? and how does your realtor feel about it because i read that all the deals (agents) buy our realtor has to know about it as well. (not sure if the source was true or not)

I am a Realtor and an investor. I represent myself as a Realtor why would I pay someone else to do the work when I can do it myself? Why would I ever really use a Realtor again other than myself unless they brought me a killer off market deal and I was just the buyer at that point. Of course its a lot of work but so are alot of things that are worth doing. 

@Maurice Graham I started as a REI before I earned my real estate license. But yes, you most certainly can do both. Being an entrepreneur is a lot of hard work and long hours if you want to be successful regardless of what field your in. I would recommend that the Realtor your working with is also a REI. They will be more patient with you and help you identify deals when they become available. But also understanding the markets they work in. For example, here in the DFW area were are in record low numbers of available inventory. I do help my clients find deals. 4 pending closings in the next 30 days. But it does take time to find the right deals and submitting a lot of offers that get rejected before you do get one that is accepted. Patience is the key in any hot market right now.

I am an investor and an agent here in Toledo. Being an agent and an investor can be stressful but it's also pretty fun. I like the fact that I can work on my own schedule and see homes whenever I want rather than waiting on an agent to walk them with me. Overall I'd recommend it if you're a people person and want to develop relationships in the industry.