Need Help With Counter

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Hey Guys! Im a new agent with my very first listing so I have a quick question. If the seller wants the offer deadline extended, would I counter it with an addendum? Or something else. And if so, would I just say in the addendum that "seller wants offer deadline extended 48 hours". Please let me know, thanks!

Hey Caleb,

 If I'm getting this right, the Buyer put out an offer that expires in X days, and your Seller wants more time to consider? You should hop on a call with the Buyer/Buyer's Broker and explain to them why they need more time.

In most markets today, Buyers have zero leverage and are at the mercy of Sellers. They likely won't want to lose the deal, so they will wait out the time requested. If you want to get technical with it, you can request the Buyers to present the same offer since it will have 'expired', or the Sellers can sign the original offer. 

I hope I didn't misinterpret the question, good luck!