How many FSBO leads does Mojo dialer provide?

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I just got Mojo dialer with FSBO for Orange County, and there seem to be around 150 leads. Does that sound consistent with what others who have used it here have experienced?

I was thinking there will be more leads because I was planning on calling about 60-70 leads a day as my routine. But it also makes sense to be that quantity.

Does expired leads tend to be more? Any suggestions/ advice from those who does a decent amount of cold calls as their lead generation strategy. I'm a new to being a full time agent. 

@Bibi Mathew the OC is oversaturated. I would get some lists from Riverside and San Bernardino.  We are targeting absentee owners with tenants right now.  Congrats on being a full time agent and cold calling.  That is what it takes to be successful now.

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