First Meeting With A Real Estate Investor

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I'm meeting with a real estate investor for the

first time. He has about 70 doors and owns his

own real estate brokerage. I kind of feel like I've

bit off more than I can chew with this guy like

I'm out of my league. He knows I'm brand new

and that I don't know much because I've asked

him for his help, hence the meeting. My question

is, in someones professional opinion, what

should I bring to the table in terms of knowledge

or questioning? Being a newbie I couldn't be

expected to know much, and I also don't want

to waste this guy's time or more importantly

waste a very good opportunity. I just need a

little guidance before the meeting this Thursday.

Thank you all 🙏

@Anthony Hicks

Hey I know this already might be late. I’m kinda new here too, but been an agent for over couple months. I have dealt with few investors as well. Best thing at front is for you to be as honest as you can and let them know what you know and don’t know, but really try your best of getting to know how you can bring value to them. Networking with the community of the area they are looking to invest helps. It’s okay to be new, but you can be present ask and takes notes. Little by little you’ll get the lingo and when someone falls asleep on a deal be the first one to bring it up to them.