Hard Money, and Conventional Mortgage loan by proxy.

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I currently work overseas 6 months out of the year, but would like to get started on REI. Is it possible to have my mother who is currently retired obtain a hard money loan from start to finish using my credentials and finances with power of attorney? Of is there a way to structure a company where she can conduct all of the business under my name as an employee or partner?

I have an opportunity to make her a full time investor using my finances and credit, but am not sure if this is possible in any form.

Thank you for any assistance in this matter. 

Welcome to BP, Mark!

A hard money lender may allow it with a specific durable POA, she can also have signing authority under a business entity. As a partner or member her credit will also be considered along with yours, might be more of a formality as they may rely on you.

You can also arrange electronic signatures, so you could be anywhere and execute documents, ask the lender and check state law as to electronic document and contract execution. 

As you may know, hard money guys are more collateral lenders than credit, so having mom on there probably is not an issue with them. But don't forget banks. Good luck :)

Thank you Bill,

Wow! What a great start to my new membership. I can see that BP will be invaluable to my future in REI.

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