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Hello all -

My current non-RE related job is probably going to end in about 6-8 months and I'm trying to think through options on whether to do REI full time or if I should get a job in the real estate industry for a while so my family is not 100% reliant on investment income to pay the bills. I would like to be able to reinvest some of that money anyway. My wife is thinking about becoming an agent, but from what I hear banks will not take her job as an agent into account for a loan for atleast 2 years.

What are my options as far as a job in the RE industry?  Could I pull a @Brandon Turner and spend a year or two as a loan officer just so one of us has a W2 job?

P.S. - I have a B.S. in Political Science, not exactly a degree in real estate...


Consider a career as a mortgage processor. You're basically just processing loan apps all day, but it will get you familiar with the industry and you will most likely make connections that could help your REI career later.

Working as a Loan officer for a bank might be the way to go for you. or as @Carlos Rovira has said a mortgage processor. Either will get you a W2 job while learning the lending side of RE. Personally I started as a cold caller but that was when I was 16 and did not have a family to take care of. I also had an "in" due to my cousin working as a broker for the company. So I moved up quickly by shadowing him on my days and times off. 

Sounds good!  So either of those spots can be had without a financial background or degree in a financial field?

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