Looking for money to build / sell & build / rent

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Hi All,

I'm looking for finance options relating to building new SFR for resale (i.e.: spec) and to hold and rent.

I own GC and RE brokerage. These little houses I'm building are entry level (first time buyer profile) but have excellent margins.

Thus far, I've self funded everything but I'm looking to really scale and would love some advice on what makes sense.

I have (3) in permitting in Deltona, FL and another in Debary. I own the lots and have paid all fees (no financing).

What's avail..? Any thoughts...? It's me and a partner. Both have excellent credit.

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Hi Guys... thanks for reaching out. Since this post (2) years ago I've been able to build (30) houses and am doing (3) starts a month. I've tried multiple sources of funding and used hml (on one) and banks for the others, that I didn't self fund. I now have a, fairly, large LOC and am branching off into other areas. I appreciate this post being bumped because it's allowed me to look back a couple of years and I completely had forgotten about it. Thanks again. - David