College Graduate FHA Loan

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I want to house hack when I graduate college, but I will need to use the FHA loan in order to do so. Do I need a W-2 to get qualified for the loan? If so, how should I go about house hacking directly after I graduate?

Well yeah you need a w2 if your going the FHA route since it's a government job. Same goes for a conventional bank loan. Another option is hard money or private money if you got the cash and a credit score over 600 you could use it then refi out. They call this the brrr strategy.


I just purchased a duplex using FHA financing after graduating college in May. Shoot me a message and I will explain to you how I made it work. See my blog post on my profile as well.

@Brock Hoffman

You will need a w-2 in the field that you went to school in. A 2 year history is required, but a college education will count towards this history as long as it is in the same field. 

Isn't it 2 years of full time work? I am also trying to get the FHA loan for a Fourplex. I graduated college 7 months ago and I am 6 months in to my full time job. I had part time job during college. I don't think part time counts. Can someone verify?