Need Help From A Commercial Lender...

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Weird post but I am putting together a proposal and need some information on some markets that I am not currently in and need the info fairly quickly. If the proposal goes THROUGH (presentation next Thursday), I will need a local commercial lender in all of the markets: Des Moines, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Baltimore, Providence...

The questions I need answered for each of those market are:

Question to ask the Commercial Lender

1) what is multi-family real estate market in your region? more or less units coming on line

2) what does a multi-family building cost in your area per unit(transitional community)

3) how is the labor force in your community i.e construction workers

4) is there a need for affordable housing in you community

5) is it a good time to invest in multi-family housing in your community?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and if the proposal goes through I would love to have conversations about helping find sites in those markets quickly (approximately would be 50ish unit acq/rehab)

Hi, @Benjamin Holt

@Tim Wright and I know of a commercial lender - Luana Savings Bank, HQ-ed in Luana, Iowa with offices in the Des Moines (DSM) metro. They do ag / residential / commercial lending mainly in the Iowa/Midwest area and might be helpful to you.

I spoke to Brandon Converse, who is currently works with Tim and I can say he's been great to chat with so far, and Tim can vouch for that since he works with him on a current project in DSM. 

I'll DM you his info if you're interested. 

Thanks. - BH