Investor friendly title company Houston Texas

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Originally posted by @Dominique Palmer :
I’m looking for an investor friendly title company in Houston Texas.

 I've worked with a lot of title companies and closed about $70m of my own deals as an investor.  I don't find any of them to be investor 'unfriendly'.  Is "investor friendly" code for something else?

Originally posted by @Deontray Flakes :

@Cody L. That’s awesome I would love to sit and talk with you and learn from your success

 I'm not in Houston so that's hard.  But if you send me a message with a specific question, I do my best to reply. 

I have definitely had experience with an unfriendly title company. We were wholesaling a property we found on the MLS, and the title company that the agent had chosen refused to close the deal without full disclosure to all parties exactly how much money we were making! We had to move the deal to different title company.

Also, if the title company is not "investor friendly" they just don't understand wholesaling and subject-to.

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