Looking for a business partner/ RE friend πŸ€™πŸ½

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Hey everyone - I’m 23 years old and am looking for a partner / mentor that would help guide me in the right direction and steer me away from the wrong decisions. I just closed on my first rental property and am hungry for more. (It’s like once you get the first tattoo it’s addicting, lol) reply down below to connect!

Looking forward to building new relationships πŸ‘

Located in Boston

Looking to invest in AZ 🌡 

Originally posted by @Cody Barna :

@Emmett Riddick, Jr. curious to know how you settled on Arizona? What specific areas are you looking in and do you have any plans to relocate?

Hey Cody,

Yeah for sure - So Arizona has always been a place in college where i saw the economy was booming and wanted to get into it. I honestly believe it has a bunch of potential because a-lot of people from California are starting to move there and also a bunch of Tech companies from California are moving to AZ leading to over 7,000 new jobs. I planned on relocating this month but planning on saving money getting a job here then go next year. 

- Emmett!