Mobile home manufactured refinance

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Nice waterfront lot with triple wide manufactured house.

Is it possible to go From hard money to conventional refinancing As a investment?

Also is it possible to go from hard money to primary residence refinance?

Larry,  Yes you can refinance into a conventional loan from hard money with a Manufactured home.  You just need to make sure the property meets guide lines.  Built after June/1976, on a permanent foundation, some states require hurricane tie downs, and the well and septic are within legal distance form tank/home.  Primary residence is usually the the only way certain lenders will fund the refinance.  Investment refinance MFH usually come with a higher rate and your loan to value may be reduced to 60-65%.  

@Larry Bondar Yes, it's possible. You just need to find a lender willing to do it. A good place to start is with local mobile home dealerships. They may have a few lender referrals for you since they work with lenders on a regular basis when they sell their mobile home inventory. Best of luck!