Questions to ask Lender?

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Hi all,

This will be the first time I will be in contact with a Lender to get the pre-approval process started. I wanted to request some guidance on what questions I should be asking. And how to determine whether or not the lender is a good fit for me or if I need to continue to shop around. If there is a document, or article that contains a list of important questions to keep in mind, please send my way. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks all!

I would go to local meet ups and get referrals..  be very careful of on line or social media solicitations for financing tons of fraud out there..  too good to be true terms all you need to do is send us 500.00 or 3000.00 .. so go with know lenders that are close to the assets you want to finance.. 

@Jonathan Shnoravorian Depends on the type of loan you are looking for. I would ask for referrals of clients that have completed loans. Ask if the loan will be kept or sold, or who will be servicing the loan payments. Having your docs ready and easily accessible is always a good idea