Sewer Backup in Condo

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I'm looking at a 1,000 sq ft, one-level condo (2 beds, 2 baths). The condo was vacant for a month and sometime during that month there was a sewage backup. Now, all of the carpets in the unit are soaking wet, there's mold two feet up on every single wall, and there's literally crap everywhere.

My first question is, is a month or less enough time for sewage water to damage structural lumber? Anything can be cleaned, but structural damage is a different animal.

My next question is, what do cleanups like this cost usually? Assuming that the only damage is what I see, I have no idea if I should expect a $3k quote or a $30k quote.

Anything else I should be taking into consideration?

Wow that's nasty.  With that much of a back up it could be pretty costly, I'd bet that you would at least spend $8-10K.  In our area there are all kinds of contractors that do that type of work, companies like Service Master or Paul Davis Restoration.  If you don't have any like that then call your insurance agent and they can more than likely steer you in the right direction.

I can't imagine that it would have done any structural damage but I'm not completely sure.  The problem is that to know for sure you really would need to remove some of the sheet rock.  

The other thing about this is that if it is a condo you'd want to check on any regulations/requirements that they might have for the cleanup.  They like to regulate everything.