Looking for Contractor in Minneapolis MN

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I am in need of a contractor in Minneapolis. Looking for someone to walk through properties with and gc the project!

Hi Christian,

If you work for Keller I would first ask around the office.  One problem many of us face is finding a  good GC who doesn't bill us at homeowner prices.  Then when people do find them they are reluctant to share because they would rather have their contractor available for work when they need.  I don't operate in Mpls but recently we have had issues hiring people, there seems to be a labor shortage in the north metro.  We currently act as our own GC and hire out the trades as needed.

Good luck.


thanks John, I appreciate the feedback. The shortage is definitely being felt. I trimmed out houses for a while, but when it comes to hvac, electrical etc. I get lost!

I pretty much have 2.5 full time employees working and we are find doing plumbing and electrical work however we can't pull the permits for them which limits us.  Getting an electrician to show up was like pulling teeth on our current job.  Offering a cake job but they just don't return our calls or don't show up!

Reach out if you guys still need someone, we're a rehab only GC and our pricing is right because we live the REI life and know what it takes to make a deal work.