Looking for a GC in New Orleans area

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Hey everyone! I'm doing my first flip on the west bank in New Orleans and I'm looking for general contractors to bid on the job. Get in touch if you are interested. If anyone has any words of wisdom or advice that is much appreciated as well. Thanks!

Hi @Anthony Boreland . I know several contractors here in the New Orleans area. What kind of job is it? Small or large? Some won't do the smaller jobs...

Are you here locally? I see your profile says New York.

@Braden Smith I live in NY and have family in New Orleans. I'll be travelling back and forth for this project. Not sure how to define the size of the job...the house needs new flooring over 2000 sq ft, a new updated kitchen, partial or full updates to the 2.5 bathrooms, some drywall and painting throughout. I think it would be big enough for most contractors to be interested.

From your profile it looks like you do the same sort of work I would like to get into. I'll be in town this weekend maybe I could buy you lunch and we could chat a bit?

Hey @Anthony Boreland . I would be happy to grab lunch with you and talk shop, but I will be out of town this weekend for a wedding. Shoot me a PM and we can chat that way or via the telephone. 

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