Contractors in Pueblo, CO

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Hey BP family.

So it has been a few months since i have been of here, i have been doing a few deals and flipping 2 properties in Pueblo, well those are done and i am not starting rehab on 1 more and i have a offer out on a off market  deal ( hoping to get a answer soon) well needless to say because we have all been there but the contractor on 1 of my flips did not do a good job (over time and over budget) finish work looked great though, and the other contractor did a pretty good job so i am giving him another chance to see how he dose with this next house. 

anyways i am on here seeking more help in the contractor as i would like to flip as many houses this year as i can so i would like to have as many good people around me as possible and i can keep rolling along. if you know of anyone that dose good work please let me know. 

or if you are just interested in the real estate in Pueblo i would love to talk and help you are learn more from you. 

i look forward to speaking with you all soon. have a blessed night. 

@Jason Eberhardt

Hey Jason. I have been busy as well and haven't been on BP for a while. I would be interested to know if you've picked up a couple more properties to flip. I have great subcontractors in the Pueblo market if you need recommendations. Finding that elusive GC is still hard. I usually use my handyman to do all the small stuff if regional doesn't require a permit to be pulled.


@Michael Wentzel

Hey Mike thanks for reaching out. 

I have one house being rehabed as if now and I am closing on one today ( 2-28-18) both are flips. And yeah I am in need of a good subs and anyone that can do all work. I do not need permits for most this work. 


@Mechelle Detres

Hey so from my experience finding someone to walk a property with you before you have bought the house is very hard and for good reason unless you are willing to pay them for their time. Most would charge like $150 but that's a lot to pay to just look at a house you may not buy. 

Also are you looking at teaming up with someone as the money or the experience? I am looking for someone with financial backing. 

@Jason Eberhardt @Michael Wentzel I am having a crazy issue. The neighboring house to one of my rentals is causing problems on my house. The home owner just passed away, and the estate is in Probate. The ladies son let some people stay there. They are basically squatting at this point and the sewer is now an issue. It’s caused one of the rooms to drop about 2 inches away from the house. How should I handle it? Who to call? Anyone know someone who can fix this