GC Reccomendation for Clermont Reno

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Hi Lance, did you have any luck? If so do you mind sharing? I have a project in WG that I am negotiating and will need a GC. Clermonts a good town, one of our SFR is there and rents well.

@Kelly I. I was able to find a highly recommended GC who has a history of flips, but we have not started project yet so I can’t vouch for him personally, hopefully in next 3 weeks we will start. I have also befriended a guy who is going to be doing some work for my boss and he has great industry knowledge and opened his own consulting and construction firm. If you still need someone msg me and I will forward their info.

Hey Lance, i would have expected it to be around $750 but $1k does seem a bit high. I have not had to do an appraisal yet, sorry I don’t have a benchmark for you.