Demolition costs/new builds

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Depends on what you are demoing. A brick house is going to be more due to the weight of brick being heavier than siding.

Depends on the size of the house you are demoing. A 1500sft home vs a 3000sft home are going to cost vastly different amounts. 

The last 2 demos I did cost 6k for a small siding house, slightly larger brick house cost about 12k. 

In terms of build cost there's also no telling. Could be 90sft, could be 250sft. If you're attaching two homes it will be much lower. If you're putting in marble countertops and gold plated railings the cost will be higher. 

For the standard finishes being built in Nashville right now you're looking at anywhere from 115/ft to 135ft. Depending on the builder. 

@Russell Maddox i just partially demod a 1050sq ft brick home (built 1948) in Raleigh which is a somewhat comparable market to Nashville. Demo included removing Chimney from roof, attic and main living area then capping off in crawl space. Also demod 3 or 4 walls, entire kitchen and bathroom. My total was 12k. I probably could’ve gotten it done a bit cheaper but this guy was reliable and I knew nothing would get messed up in the process (we were keeping the existing hardwood and other walls etc). Hope this helps and good luck!