Do I need a license?

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I have construction experience from contracting in PA. I now live in Florida and possibly going to get into rehabbing and house flipping with some friends. Do I need a General Contractors license if I am overseeing my own projects?

@Jesse Allen great questions!  It depends on the municipality you are working in.  Most cities allow homeowners to self-perform many home improvement projects without a license.  Some cities have stipulations if you are the owner and planning to sell, which you are doing.  Best to ask the building department.

Good luck!

@Jesse Allen Yes.  I have a GC license here but don’t do this type of work.  The only exemption is as an owner builder and Only if it will be your primary residence.  If you went with this exemption, most jurisdictions actually place a deed restriction that you can not sell for a year, to prevent abuse of the exemption.