Appliances for multi unit properties

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Any recommendation on where to buy appliances for multi-unit properties. Big box stores are pricey or same model doesn’t available.

Looking for direct purchase for the manufacture or any recommendations.

I typically use the following to find great deals on appliances:

Black Friday

BestBuy (open box)

Sears Outlet

Amazon - Used section

Google search for "used appliances"


Sometimes Lowes and Home Depot have an open box section as well

Salvation Army or Goodwill

You also need to keep in mind what brand you are buying. To me, Whirlpool and their family of subsidiaries (e.g. Amana, Maytag, Roper, KitchenAid, etc.) are reliable. 

        My one rental is what I would consider B class, it has the scratch and dent fridge from when I lived there. Only one tenant has complained about the dents after move in. Bottom of the stainless steel door. When I replace it, I will get one without the dents (just to upgrade each thing in the house as I replace it). The fridge in my house I got off of Marketplace used. Paid $400 for it, but I have had to replace some parts over the first year of having it. 

        Most the answers you are getting are a better fit for smaller multifamily. When you are buying scratch and dent or the deal of the day, you will get a bunch of different brands and models. That is not ideal if you are operating a larger complex. If you are looking to buy direct from the manufacturer, you need large scale like hundreds or thousands. If you are buying less, I would contact regional dealers in your area. I am setup with contractor pricing with my local appliance dealer. I get best price without having to hunt for deals. Ideally I would like to buy the same model, but they change over time so we just stick with the same brand. We use Whirlpool or Frigidaire, both of which are made by Whirlpool. This brand has a larger base of repairman, plus our dealer has a service arm. 

        Another option is contacting your local big box and seeing if they will work out special pricing with you for volume. This works especially well for one time larger purchases. If you are buying one or two at a time, they may not have much to offer.

        Part of this comes down to how many appliances you buy. Large buyers will purchase a thousand or more per year. If you are not buying in scale, you are probably stuck deal hunting as others suggested.