We've Streamlined Our Notifications and Keyword Alerts!!!

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We've streamlined our Notifications page - including Keyword Alerts! 

Now all notifications - Colleague Requests, Votes, Mentions, etc are listed in one spot. You can sort by notification type - and even mark all as read or mass delete them.

Keyword alerts are now sortable, too! Have an alert for Denver? No problem, you can sort so you ONLY see Denver mentions. "Mark All As Read" and "Delete All Read" options work for the individual keywords, so you can clear out specific alerts while keeping the unread alerts intact.

I have to be honest I'm not a fan.  I now have to scroll through the entire post to find where someone mentioned/replied to me.  The same applies for finding out which post someone voted on.  The old system would take me straight there with one click and the new system doesn't unless I'm missing something.

@Aaron K. I'm pretty sure they should be able to make an adjustment to the code to fix that issue. I agree though that will be a problem. 

The change caught me by surprise as when I went to lunch is was one way and came back to the new way. I like change usually and I hope this one works for the better :)


Since you are making all these changes, a couple of requests / suggestions if deemed valuable;

1) Mark all on page as read - Currently the options are to mark the specific item as read or all items as read. How about 'just' all the items currently being displayed? If there are multiple pages of unread items, you may only scan / read part way through and not want mark as read the ones you have not looked at yet.

2) Page numbers at the top & bottom - My preference is to look at the oldest items first so I scroll from the bottom of the page to the top. I then have to scroll back to the bottom to go to the next page. Putting the page numbers at the top & bottom would simplify things.

Just some thoughts.


I look forward to these changes. The biggest problem I’ve been having, living in Washington state, is getting alerts for DC and Counties. I have negative keywords in place, but I still get tons. I’m hopi g the changes will help. Thanks!

@Mindy Jensen Also, bringing these updates to the mobile app would be great. (I don’t see it as I’m posting that.)

As a minor note: I don’t like the home page change that went out last month. I love the forum topic update crawl. Yes, I know I can still get to it, but doing so is cumbersome and I don’t like it. I know this won’t change that, but I wanted to give some feedback.


@Aaron K.

I'm having trouble reproducing the issue with mentions, but I did find and fix the bug with vote discussion links. They should go directly to the correct reply.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you don't mind messaging support or me with details regarding the mentions/replied links I would appreciate it.  Thanks =D

Hi @Duane Smith . The Top Contributors is different for each forum, and the score is some complicated algorithm that combines post totals with vote totals from recent forum activity. 

I prefer the old way when it divided the notifications as well. I don't really care about votes, I liked to go see my mentions so I could respond if needed. When I got the vote notifications, I would just go clear all of those without reading them.

I'm not a huge fan of the update, either. I don't see how it's all in one place. I feel as if it was before and now it's in multiple places. 

Also tough to see which notification you have already read/cleared vs ones that you haven't. 

Just my 2c

The new update looks clean. However, I don't know if it's just me or it's happening to others, but the update killed my regular function. I have my alert set to send me an e-mail if someone sends me a PM, I just double checked and it is still turned on. However, I haven't received any e-mails letting me know that people have sent me a PM.

Not a big fan of the change.....I prefer the notification are split into categories so I can just ignore the ones I don't care about vs the ones I want to look at.....

I'm also having one where it says someone mentioned me....then I go on the link....and someone did mention me, but it wasnt the one that the notification said it was...

Not a fan of a couple of the changes. The filter by alert feature is nice.  The seperation between posts on the list you get is ok but the pictures take more space so the title takes more lines. Thus harder for me  to read. Computers broke so I have to see how it looks when i am not on a phone.  I reallly dont like this new profile page, had no idea the previous stuff disappeared.  I was not able to list states I am interested in only cities, state.  The pick list categories are really broad. Overall harder to read some areas. Was fone the old way.  I am not sure why every web designer thinks every change also needs a new"look" too.

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