Buying a mobile home question?

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I have a opportunity to buy a mobile home in a MH park.
Do I do a typical contract and title co closing ?
Is there need to do a title search ?
Is there need for concerns with liens ?
Or is it just cash for keys / title type of transaction?
I'm going to meet the seller in about 1 hour. Sept. 12th 11:00 am central time. In Texas. If you can share these answers or would like to spend a few minutes on the phone my number is 806-853-7112



Here is a link to all the answers on titling a mobile home in Texas.  Our titles are no longer like a car title. They used to be.  One key change is that now the property taxes have to be paid current before a title can be transferred, so that is something you definitely need to check on before buying.

Yes, you need to be concerned with liens, but I believe they should be listed on the Statement of Ownership and Location.  Also, I believe you can check the title status on that website, as well.

HTH and good luck!

If you're concerned about the possibility of liens you should be able to get a lien search done in  about 24 to 48 hours. You might also want to call utility companies to see if there are any un-filed liens or large balances, as those won't be on a lien search, call the city to see if there are any zoning issues or unfiled assesments. (Lien searches only check official records at county, so if municipality doesn't file things which happens sometimes you are still on the hook.)

How did it go Jeff?  Shoot us some details about the deal!

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