Is Hosting A Webinar On Clayton/21st Mortgage's New Program To Fill Vacant Lots,

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Filling vacant lots in your mobile home park is capital intensive – until now. Warren Buffet has just changed the playing field with the introduction of the CASH program, which allows you to fill vacant lots with potentially zero out of your pocket. New homes are brought in, and customers buy those homes and move in, and you simply donate the use of your manager to show the homes. Of course, there’s more to it than just that, but it’s easily the hottest topic right now among park owners, as it may be the one solution to solving the affordable housing crisis without park owners spending huge amounts of capital.

If you have any vacant lots in your mobile home park, or are looking at buying a mobile home park with vacant lots, then you definitely do not want to miss this webinar. You will be amazed at what will be discussed. We feel so strongly about this program that we have already placed an order for almost 400 homes. To sign up for this free event, visit this link and fill out the registration form.

We hope to see you there!

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